Top 5 Semi Automatic Rifles for Home Defense [2022]

top rifles for home defense

Owning a handgun to defend your home from varmints and pests is nice, but having a good semi-automatic rifle is the real game-changer. Additionally, semi-automatic guns have a variety of variations, you can easily buy semi-auto rifles according to your requirement. Semi-auto rifles are used for various objectives, hunting, home defense, and law enforcement as among them.

Semi-automatic rifles also require maintenance and care for reliable performance.

What is Semi-Auto Rifle?

A Semi-Automatic rifle shoots one bullet per pull of the trigger. Unlike full automatic guns, which continue shooting till the magazine gets empty. Moreover, some full automatic guns offer an option to switch to semi-auto with a quick thumb flick. This feature enables many guns in the semi-automatic category. The rest types of rifles include lever-action rifles and bolt action rifles. Additionally, semi-auto rifles do not require clocking or racking between shots.

semi automatic rifles

Here are the top best semi-auto rifles that you can buy for home defense.

Ruger 10/22

Ruger 10/22 is the top semi-automatic rifle on our list, it is efficiently designed with a simple design which makes it easy to operate with impressive performance. Moreover, it is widely used as a varmint hunting rifle because it is easy to handle. Moreover, its simple design allows it to reload quickly and easily. This compact weapon has made its name in the market by performing reliably at an affordable cost. Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle uses .22 LR cartridges.

ruger 10 22 rifleAdditionally, most of the shooters buy Ruger semi-auto rifles for small game hunting or propped by the back door for varmints and self-defense. There are a lot of accessories are available in the market, so you can make the modifications easily.


AK-47 has originally manufactured n Russia, bearing the name “Avtomat Kalashnikova”, its designer was inspired by German-made guns such as STG-44. With this inspiration of German arms, he designed AK 47 which was a simplistically functioning rifle, easy to fire and maintain. If we talk about the performance, it is the world’s most popular rifle due to its impressive performance even in tough situations with heavy shooting. Also, it does not jam easily, which makes it a durable rifle that any shooter is looking for.  Additionally, it brings enough horsepower to hunt deers and works perfectly for home defense.

ak 47 semi automatic rifleAlso, AK 47 uses 7.62×39 mm ammunition, you can buy it from our ammo shop at the best price.


AR 15 rifle is the popular USA-made rifle, it provides impressive on-field performance with high durability. Moreover, there is a common misconception that “AR” stands for “automatic rifle”, or “Assult Rifle”; in fact, “AR” stands for “ArmaLite rifle”. It is named after the arms company which manufactured this model, it uses .22 lr, 7.62 x 39 mm ammunition. Its reliable performance makes it a perfect rifle for home defense, and you also use it for hunting. Moreover, this rifle can be easily modified with various accessories available in the market.

ar 15 semi automatic rifleRuger Mini-30

Ruger Mini 30 is designed by Ruger as a smaller and lighter version of its predecessor M-14. Additionally, this rifle is lightweight, and it can take a good number of rounds, which can be fired via hammer. Moreover, this reliable rifle offers reliable performance, and also it uses 7.62 x 39 mm ammunition. Additionally, it requires maintenance from time to time to avoid jamming or destruction if ammunition is not picked with care.

ruger mini 30 semi automatic riflePTR-91

PTR-91 is USA manufactured version ofHeckler & Koch 91/G3 rifles, it is utilized in big game hunting. Also, it can be used in the military as a standard-issue semi-automatic battle rifle. Moreover, this gun fires shots with a strong impact and works well at longer ranges as well. However, it requires some strength to reload and bear the weight while slapping the racking mechanism back into place. Moreover, if you’re looking to buy a satisfactory rifle for home defense, then PTR 91 is an excellent option.

PTR 91 semi automatic rifleConclusion

It doesn’t matter what type of rifle you choose for home defense or hunting, you can make it your own with Ammogunshop. Moreover, whether you’re getting ready for your next deer hunt or want to show off your unique style, Ammogunshop can make your rifle exactly what you envision.

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